Welcome to Freenivi.org: Fast open source infotainment prototyping

Supported hardware

The Freenivi software platform we provide supports three different level of hardware: off-the-shelf or custom one:

Featuring RPi 2. Plug your development board and develop directly onto it.

Car ready

Featuring Sabre Lite and Nitrogen 6x. More power, more interfaces. Plug the CAN bus and test in real life condition your applications.


Featuring our own custom automotive specific development board. Prototype as if you were inside the car dashboard.

About Freenivi

Freenivi is a complete Open Source framework for fast automotive (and more !) protoyping
Download Freenivi Studio, Install it, Power the board, and develop !

Freenivi is an open source platform providing all the technological tools to develop the next generation embedded system for the automotive industry.

It allows you to:
Quick prototype for IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) services
Create shared platform adapted to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) project
Design specific systems (services, dedicated hardware...)

Quick prototyping and implementation of consumer electronics innovation into safe industrial systems allows you to significantly reduce time to market. It helps you filling the gap between safe industry life cycles and fast consumer life cycles.

Freenivi is proudly developped and supported by Open Wide Ingénierie.

  • Hardware

    3 levels of ready-to-run hardware

  • Emulators

    Speed up your developpment

  • Tooling

    Focus on development

  • 100% Open Source

    Based on Yocto, GNU/Linux, Qt, Wayland...


New features that will be available... soon
XVisor is an hypervisor aiming to allow secure running of an Autosar RTOS and a Freenivi OS
Autosar RTOS
Trampoline is an Autosar compliant RTOS. It will be integrated as part of the Freenivi project and will be driven by the XVisor Hypervisor