Documentation and support


Go to the page Getting started with Freenivi Studio to learn all the basics about how to use Freenivi Studio.

To learn more on how to build by your self the Freenivi OS images, emulators and SDK used by Freenivi Studio: go to Using Freenivi Os Builder.

Supported hardware

Currently we support the following hardware:

  • Starter
    • RPi 2
  • Car ready (CAN, Dual-screen…)
    • Nitrogen 6x
    • Sabre Lite
  • Advanced (A lot more !)
    • Custom automotive dedicated hardware

System and hardware requirement

To work with Freenivi Studio it is mandatory to have a 64bits workstation with a Linux operating system.

We strongly advise to use Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, as it is our “reference” distribution for the Freenivi project. The tools have been tested with this distribution, nevertheless any “modern” Linux distribution will also work.

The only required dependency for Freenivi Studio is to have the package build-essential installed on your Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

To work with one of our supported platform, the following element are needed: the development board (basic, car ready or advanced), a screen for this board, a RJ45 cable and a serial/USB adapter (optional).

Community and support

Feel free to join us on our IRC channel:

  • #freenivi
  • (without IRC client use:

For commercial support Open Wide Ingénierie can assist you: