What is Freenivi

Freenivi is an open source platform providing all the technological tools to develop the next generation embedded system for the automotive industry.

The software platform allows you to:

  • Quick prototype for IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) services
  • Create shared platform adapted to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) project
  • Design specific systems (services, dedicated hardware…)

Quick prototyping is possible thanks to:

  • A selection of on-the-shield hardware ready to run
  • Emulators of these platform to speed up development
  • A complete set of adapted tools to develop and test

Quick prototyping and implementation of consumer electronics innovation into safe industrial systems allows you to significantly reduce time to market. It helps you filling the gap between safe industry life cycles and fast consumer life cycles.

Developments are ongoing to propose an hypervisor that will be able to run an Autosar compliant RTOS and the Freenivi OS at the same time.

It is proudly powered and supported by Open Wide Ingénierie.

What you will find on this website

On this website you’ll find the following elements:

  • Information about Freenivi project
  • Documentation and support
  • Contact
  • Complete Freenivi Studio installer to start developing